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Brand Identity Development

Developing a brand first starts with the right brief. We will go through what you want your brand to stand for so that your purpose and vision as an entrepreneur is embedded in your name and logo. Let’s work together to bring your ideas to life and create your brand identity.

You will get your business name, logo and a style guide for your brand.

Sales Funnel Development

Work with me to develop your sales funnel online through a series of attractive content marketing, landing pages and website development. I will be working with you on your existing website to prepare your site for in-bound marketing. Once this is complete we can press go on google ads and see the leads come in!

You will get 5 key landing pages on your website, build in forms linked to your personalised database.

Website and Online Shop

Creating your new online shop and website does not need to cost you an arma and a leg. Get a fully optimised website with 5 pages and a shop with 10 products upload with full training to your marketing team. Please note copywriting cost additional or supplied by client.

You will get your new website (up to 5 Pages), online shop, 10 products upload, a customised site map. All websites come with analytics backend report and user-friendly customised CRM system.

Additional costs: Sub Pages (If needed), Content writing or can be supplied by client, monthly hosting fee.

Business Startup Pack

Got a great business idea and don’t know where to start? I can get you up and running in only 5 weeks with a business name, logo, Business card and a fully optimised website including online shop.

Entrepreneurs often waste a lot of time and money not knowing what to do first. With over 15 years of experience helping entrepreneurs develop brands and grow their business I can show you the short cuts to launch your business in no time and give you the right tools to start selling online today.

Other related services include Product Development and Packaging Designs.

1-1 Business Strategy Session

Through a series of 20-30 challenging questions about your current business status and business goals. We will have an in-depth discussion on your current business strategies and situation. I will challenge your thinking and open your mind to new opportunities of growth. After the session I will go through the session answers and come back to you with a customised list of key marketing activities in a Marketing Action Plan that you can implement over the next 6 months to implement in your business to grow your business further.

Session duration 90 minutes

Google Adwords Campaign

Google adwords Campaign development is based on understanding what keywords are most relevant to your products and services. Working with me we will generate a list of key words relevant to your business and develop an adword campaign with your agreed monthly PPC budget in order to maximise your Adword budget and deliver ROI in only 3 months.

Management of keywords, monthly report and adwords campaign maintenance. PPC Adwords budget is not included in this price.

Marketing Plan, Budget & Schedule

You only need to do a marketing plan once a year, once the plan is done your team can implement this with minimal supervision. Work with me to develop your marketing plan, budget and schedule for the next financial year. You will get a marketing plan, a GANTT chart schedule for key marketing activities per season and also a detailed marketing budget.

Includes Marketing Plan, Yearly Budget Plan split by month, Media plan and Marketing Schedule.

Weekly Marketing Consultation

The model of business is to be able to tap into expert knowledge on a regular without a big price tag. That’s where I come in if your want me to come in to your office once a week for a few hours to help establish your marketing department, develop your teams skills, implement the latest marketing tools and apps in your organisation and optimise your marketing budget this can be arranged.

Have a casual marketing manager on site to support your marketing team. Minimum of 6 hours per session. Duration 2 Hrs includes one personal page development.

Facebook & Instagram Training

Having a string social media presence and good social media strategy is fundamental to your business growth. Work with me to develop your staff’s internal skills. I will show you the tricks of the business to help you familiarise yourself with instagram and facebook. We will develop a style guide for your social media page and I will show you how to grow your followers. Social media is all about creating a movement good enough to motivate people to follow you.

Train up to 4 people in your business on the latest instagram and facebook development and how to generate return on investment organically through social media. Sessions are 2hrs long and include 30 minutes follow up for the next 2 weeks.

LinkedIn Training Session

Are you a B2B looking at growing your business network. Linkedin is a pivotal to grow your network and make new valuable connections. Become an influencer on LinkedIn and create a platform for meaningful discussions, promote your values and visions and attract like minded business people.

You will understand how to develop your personal brand, improve your linkedin in status, grow your followers, use inMail in a meaningful manner and grow your business.

Casual Marketing Manager

You know you need marketing help but you cannot afford a marketing manager. No company needs a marketing manager all the time. Marketing management is needed once a week or once a month. Once you have a marketing strategic plan and a marketing schedule, all you need is casual marketing direction to help your internal team to implement the various marketing activities. I can help you grow your marketing and upskill your internal team in sales and admin to implement the set marketing activities. Give me a call today to see how we can help together.

Sustainability Accreditations

Get the right accreditation for your products is often all your need to attract new customers. Often what holds companies back from certification programs is the amount of paperwork involved in the process. This is where I can come in to take the burden off your internal resources and help your gain the right accreditation to endorse your products.

Some accreditations programs I have worked with in the past are Australian Certified Organic, Global Green Tag, GECA, Australian Packaging Covenant, ISO Certification, etc…

Cost  $300/hr

Flexible Marketing Direction!

You don’t need a full-time marketing manager anymore all you need is clear marketing direction. Hiring a flexible marketing freelancer give you the following benefit:

  • Work on contract basis – No employee management cost and super!
  • Only pay for marketing expertise when you need it – work on project basis!
  • Develop a longterm plan and schedule – Planning is everything in marketing
  • Create marketing structure and processes  – improve efficiency
  • Implement latest AI in your marketing  – grow productivity
  • Upskill your staff – cut down on design costs and create everything in-house
  • Sales growth – Develop a sales funnel and generate in-bound leads
  • Injection of new ideas – get a fresh new perspective on your business!
  • No strings attached – with with me project by project

Strategy development

  • Sales Growth %
  • Margin Growth %

Let's talk...

Pricing Strategy

Where does your price point sit compared to your competitors? What can you do to disrupt the industry? The right pricing strategy is pivotal to business growth. Do a full pricing review and comparison in order to understand where your cost centre focus needs to be.

COGS Review

Cost of goods sold (COGS) have your reviewed your cost of manufacturing, raw ingredients, labour cost, packaging optimisation, freight and overheads in the past year in details and look at cost-effective alternatives without compromising on quality?

Sustainability Policy

The stakes are high for companies without the right CSR Policies addressing growing environmental, climate concerns of consumers. Are you ready for the circular economy, it’s already here. Are you reusing, recycling and opting for biodegradable materials. Conscious capitalism was not just a movement it was the start of conscious consumerism now in every sector and every industry the demands for sustainable solutions are growing.

Optimisation Strategy

Money is time and time is money. Are your processes up-to-date? Or are your still doing things the hard way? Hierarchy and management heavy organisation will if they have not already feel the pain of of inefficiency as disruptive organisations enter their market. The reason why companies like UBER have grown so fast have been their internal processes enabling them to grow rapidly and taping into a range of consultants to deliver services instead of the old employee model. Are you processes slowing you down?

Need Marketing Direction in...

Sustainable Product Development

Develop Products that uses the latest innovations in sustainability and opt for eco-friendly materials. This will reduce your production costs and increase consumer confidence through a transparent supply chain! With a growing number of conscious entrepreneurs relying on collaborations to grow it has never been easier to go for sustainable option when making you next product development project.

Sustainable Product Development

Category Review and Innovation

There are hidden gems in category review. This is where strategy for sustainable product line extension lies. I will show you how to do an in-depth category review, price point analysis and business case for your product range to grow your margins and sales! The most important thing in business is speed to market and with the right category insight your will be able to make the right move first!

Baking a Storm

10X Productivity with AI

AI is not the enemy. In fact embracing the latest apps and technological tools in your business can only enhance your growth strategy. I will connect you with a network of avant-guard AI technologies to further grow your business to the next level with minimal internal resources. You can bring all design and web development work inhouse and save over $200K in marketing costs plus not to mention quadruple marketing productivity.

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