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“The ultimate role of a business is to make the world a better place by offering REAL value to their customers through conscious executive decisions and sustainable products. These are the type of companies we all want to be part of.”
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Deena Syed

Think Big!

It’s always hard for a small or medium size business to think big. The business owner is stuck in day to day tasks and striving to survive instead of striving to thrive! That’s where I come in. With over 15 years experience working in executive positions working with some of Australia’s biggest brands, I will change your perception of your business and show you the growth opportunities through a tested and proven growth strategy method used by most big brands to grow their product range, quadruple their revenue and fatten up their bottom line.
The reason you started a business was to have more time and do what you really wanted to do. Through my 5P methodology, we will focus on 5 fundamental strategies of business development which is Product Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Positioning Strategy, People Strategy and Process Strategy, I can help you achieve passive income levels for your business you did not imagine. Many business consultants over complicate what a business actually is. I will on the other hand simplify your business so we can start to identify where the money is going, what is working best, what is chewing up cash and what is your next growth opportunity!






My Purpose

To make the world a better place one business at a time.

My Mission

To empower conscious entrepreneurs.

My Values


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Focusing on Leadership!

Marketing is all about leadership. Steve Jobs made Apple. Elon Musk is Tesla. That is why I love working with entrepreneurs and help them make their vision a reality. Having ideas is great but without the right tools and people to execute them nothing happens. This is where my marketing experience comes in play for your business. Leaders can tap into my network and expertise to further develop different areas of their business with the confidence that I will make things happen fast and effectively.

Leaders can make or break a business. Having the right marketing support is the key component to how successful your business will be. Everything is replaceable in a business except marketing. Marketing is business itself. Sales is now all done online through a sales funnel and automated online cart. Administrative jobs are being increasingly replaced by Apps. Even design and videos are now just a few click away through an App on an iPhone. Knowing how to bring efficiency to your business through AI softwares is a key part of your process improvement and this is where I can help you streamline your processes and improve your productivity & bottom line.

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