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What started as a side project with my daughter Zahra to teach her about money and what is involved in running a business, turned out to become a way to generate passive income through an online store and a way for me to put into practice everything I learn in my career about marketing. business and product development.

Being part of a local handmade business is a great way to connect with the local community and has given us to chance to meet some incredible local artisans, participate in local handmade markets and also collaborate with local organisation making a difference in Perth. Most of all this has been an incredible journey for Zahra and a chance for her to develop her skills as a young business woman #girlboss!

The challenge was that with a demanding full time job and being a mum, I barely had the time to invest in a side business and did not expect it to grow so fast so quick:

  • New business and new industry:

    Although I worked in product development and manufacturing in the FMCG industry before I never ventured into product technology by myself and also never worked in body care or cosmetics. I thought how hard can it be if I can bring to market vinegar and bread mixes surely I can do this!

  • Managing a child:

    Being in business with your 6 year old daughter is not something they teach you at university. Working with Zahra meant that I had to involve her in every decision and also teach her along the way. I wanted her to be an integral part of the business after all we started making bath bombs together and she was the co-founder.

  • New local makers community:

    For someone accustomed to competitive retailers world, joining the local market scene was a paradigm shift quite literally. Not only was this group of traders collaborative, they were also helping each other and supporting one another in spite of being competitors. This was something new to me coming from a cut throat FMCG industry.

Take a deep breath and start fresh. I had to delete my competitive nature and embrace my creativity in order to bring this business to life:

  • Hands on:

    I had over 4 years experience already in formulating products from scratch from my time an Anchor Foods. So we started experimenting with various bath bomb recipes and through trial and error developed a unique formulation using organic coconut oil and Epsom salt. This formulation made the bath bomb a body scrub at the same time. We then decided to add a new dimension to the products by adding the Aromatherapeutic knowledge of Ayuveda and Chakras to the mix by colour coordinating each bath bombs to the 7 chakras of the body. Being an avid yoga practitioner this was a no brainer for me and something that deeply fascinates me. And this is how Chakrabombs was born.

  • Expanding the range:

    We first started the markets with only one product the bath bombs. Soon we realised that in order to make each market day profitable we needed to diversify the range. With a bit more research and analysis of what was in demand in the handmade sector we added a range of body care products each focused on our core purpose ‘relaxing the whole world’. The product extension included an Aromatic Bath Salt 500g Sachet, Magnesium Sprays, Face Scrubs, Healing Balms, Eye Pillows and heat packs.

  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing:

    Passionate about the circular economy and ethical sourcing we pay close attention to who we source our raw materials from and also who we support with our products. From partnerships with certified labs in Australia for our organic and natural oils to fair trade artisanal fabric in India we ensure that the materials used in our products are genuine and ethical. We also support Zonta House with 20c donation for every bath bombs sold and in the first year of business alone raised over $500 for this amazing foundation.

The support for our range of products have been overwhelming:

  • Local and international support:

    Our website has been receiving with orders from all over Australia and recently from around the world. There is a great demand for handmade, organic and natural skincare with therapeutic benefits. Moreover consumers around the world are crying for products made with high quality ingredients in small batches. Something different to what is mass produced and with a personal touch for a change.

  • Stocked in over 20 stores:

    Since we started Chakrabombs we have been stocked in over 20 stores across Australia. Our focus remains online sales but we have some key partnership with some health food stores and natural therapy practitioners who have supported us from the beginning and continue to do so.

  • Running out of products is a good problem to have:

    We often find it hard to keep up with the demand since everything is done by hand from the products themselves to the labelling and packing, we sometime have to work around the clock to ensure that orders are met and reorder ingredients on time. We cant complain running out of stock is a good problem to have. Thankfully our customers are very supportive and don’t mind to wait a few days at times for the products to be despatched. Restocking is something we are getting better and better at now!

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“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.” – David Brooks

This is Deena to a tee, a professional with self belief and the edge to make great ideas happen. I would suggest another unique skill of Deena’s is the ability to read the moment, interpret and distill it to a usable hook, in order to pass on the message.

Mark Kailis
Managing Director, Kailis Organic Olive Groves

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