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When I joined Abco the copany had one website with about 10 pages and wanted to grow their sales in a cost effective manner by generating Inbound leads, One of my key KPIs was to develop an inbound lead strategy based on optimising their website and new content for prospective clients.

Easier said than done. With only one young inexperienced coordinator and barely any good quality and consistent branding. I basically had to scrap everything and start from scratch!


Although the company has been going for a good 16 years the marketing aspect of the business was still very amateur. There was some confusion as to what was the corporate brand and what was an own brand. There was no brand strategy as such. Everything was thrown in the same basket as long as sales were sustained. I had to make a few things clear to the directors.

  • Without a clear brand strategy you are stuck!

    Separating your corporate brand from your products brands is a critical part of your business planning. Not only does it help you ascertain where your marketing budget needs to go… it also creates longterm brand equity for your business.

  • The website system was letting us down!

    The website Abco had when I joined was outdated and tricky to change. I needed a fulling optimised website with a content management system super duper easy for my marketing coordinator to change in order for us to implement our content web fast. We had to create and upload compelling and attractive landing pages based on key products  in order to execute the inbound content strategy fast and effectively.

  • What do I do with a young and inexperience team?

    Upskill or


  1. Create 4 websites for each brand in order to segment the market and have more focussed campaigns. One website for Abco Products as a corporate company with it’s products. Once for Enviroplus targeting environmentally conscious B2B, One for Machinery only and one for Puregiene specialising in washrooms.
  2. Building over 200 custom landing pages with lead capture forms on the websites to ensure we capture the traffic visiting the sites.
  3. Adgroup leading prospective customers to specific industry crafted pages. (e.g Gym Owners, Schools, Restaurants) These pages contained all the equipment and information needed to keep a gym well operated and clean.
  4. Adgroups leading prospective customers to product categories. Product of various sizes and prices to be able to cast a wide net. (e.g Commercial scubbers) These pages all sorts of commercial scrubbers, from the most expensive and technical ones to the simplest commercial scrubbers there is.


Proof is in numbers:

  • Leads generation growth from 20 to 300 per month
  • Leads cost average $18
  • Leads cost average $2.10
  • Increased sales revenue by 10%

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.” – David Brooks

This is Deena to a tee, a professional with self belief and the edge to make great ideas happen. I would suggest another unique skill of Deena’s is the ability to read the moment, interpret and distill it to a usable hook, in order to pass on the message.

Mark Kailis
Managing Director, Kailis Organic Olive Groves

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